Data is everything in today’s digital world. Simply put, those businesses without the means to accurately extract data from their processes adapt more slowly than those that do. And in a world with increasing customer expectations and constantly evolving technology, gaining access to this information is no longer just a choice.

There is a bright side to this situation, though. As technology becomes more accessible, so do your options for implementing and creating successful digital strategies. Today’s leading platforms like Microsoft Azure IoT are not only easier to deploy, but also more flexible in their requirements and maintenance, giving your company the choice of executing them in the way that best aligns with your objectives.

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This on-demand, demo-rich virtual event will help you learn how Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI can work together to deliver actionable insights with sub-second performance over massive data sets. You will see how Power BI simplifies data modeling and visualization of valuable and often overlooked data hidden within your enterprise data warehouse. You can share insights across your organization and unlock modern analytics in ways that were previously impossible.

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Many companies would view competing in industries where labor-intensive tasks, disconnected data sources, and paper-based processes are the norm as a hard challenge. Others, like Finning—the world’s largest Caterpillar dealer—saw this as an opportunity to disrupt and innovate within the construction industry through digital transformation.

Watch this video to learn how Finning collaborated with a Microsoft Gold Partner to enable the unification of disparate data sources using IoT devices, and how this strategy allowed the company to substantially upgrade its customer service experience.


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